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Building the Journey Engines of the Future
Graticule positions the consumer at the heart of everything we do. We connect digital and physical journeys allowing truly omni-channel orchestration to deliver personalisation to consumers via unique products and platforms.
Graticule products
Graticule’s products are built on a proprietary customer journey engine, a cloud personalisation platform that can integrate input from any voice or vision hardware.
FlowThru enhances the customer and operator experience by creating personalised journeys for each customer at all touch points, even before they reach the drive-thru lane.
Understand customers ahead of them reaching the store via loyalty Integrations and known dietary preferences.
Accept orders via voice and automatically transcribe ordering intents for operators via NLP.
Recognises customers via ANPR camera, vision, voice or other identity nodes.
Recognise an individual vehicle or the individuals in the vehicle.
Personalised digital menu boards powered by AI.
Push scripts to operators to ensure the best customer experience, drive up-sells and encourage conformance to brand standards.
Immediately collect feedback from customers to build into future journeys.
Live dashboard to help manage operations.
Suggesting what customers want and need based on everything we know
Connecting the delta between digital and physical journeys with a proprietary personalisation platform leveraging Vision, NLP and Big Data.
FlowPay automates payments and loyalty using your customers number plate

FlowPay can leverage existing hardware to deliver a true drive up and drive away experience

Payments and Loyalty via Numberplate
FlowPay offers automatic payments and loyalty by car number plate. This drives increased speed, faster throughput and a revolutionised experience for customers.

No longer will customers have to fumble to make payments through cash, credit or debit cards as payment can be taken automatically in real time.

FlowPay can integrate with loyalty programmes to ensure your customers leverage benefits, offers and personalised offers relating to the journey.
Forage enables click and collect of the future. A truly contactless and seamless way to collect goods, including food and beverages.
Recognise the customer and order from the car number plate.
Upsell additional items to the customer.
Alert staff inside restaurant or store to the customers arrival.
Support staff, drone or conveyor delivery to the car.
Collects feedback from customer through via SMS, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Alexa and Facebook Messenger.
Click & Collect of the future
Customers arrive at a designated "Forage bay" and the store is automatically notified of their arrival. Customers are then given an eta when their order will be brought to them but also have the ability to add anything they may have forgotten to their order.
Forage Lite will enable any takeaway, restaurant, pub or retailer to instantly turn on a zero-contact Click & Collect channel
Low friction Click & Collect platform
Automatically collect payments from customers with no need for cash or credit card
Customers can place order by hashtag, e.g. texting  “#yourrestaurant”
Know car location and number plate so no need for a dedicated space or car park
The Drive Thru Of The Future
The future of non touch customer journeys
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